Some stuff about the musical instrument and hi-fi amps I’ve built.

SC-508 (in progress)
Hi-fi amp based on the Tektronix PG508 pulse generator mashed up with the Quad 405.

Futurama FU-3
Cross between the Ninja Corvette Hybrid and a master volume Marshall.

Selfless Amp
A ~100W/channel hi-fi amp based on Douglas Self’s “Blameless” philosophy.

Ninja Corvette Hybrid
A Selmer Corvette 3 watt practice amp hot-rodded to 40 watts. AKA, the Corvettonator. 🙂

Crown Super SXA
A Crown SXA stereo tube amplifier, heavily “resto-modded”.

Ninja Deluxe
A 40 watt guitar combo amp in the style of a Fender 5E3 “Tweed Deluxe”.

Ninja Töaster
A 60 watt high-gain guitar amp in an industrial looking 19-inch rack chassis.

Ice Block
A 130W/channel MOSFET hi-fi amp with a radical cooling system. (Old)

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