Tesla coils

Some of the Tesla coils (and accessories 🙂 ) I’ve constructed.

I started building them out of curiosity when I was at uni, and became fascinated. It developed into a sideline from my main job, building coils as exhibits for science museums and doing shows and special effects for film and TV with them.

The highlight of my career was appearing on an episode of James May’s Man Lab where they tried to trigger lightning with a rocket. Among other things I designed the coil for the lightning chamber at Danfoss Universe science park, and Robbie Thomson’s Ecstatic Arc, for which I also did EMC and risk assessments. 

The old Tesla coil pages: Traditional spark gap coils and OLTCs.

The early DRSSTC designs: Including Mjollnir, my most successful creation.

Little Cook/AG2: A portable DRSSTC complete with Faraday cage enclosure.

Odin: A large DRSSTC (Dual Resonant Solid-State Tesla Coil)

(Note: AG2 and Odin use the same control electronics as Mjollnir, only the power electronics are different)

PFC front end for Odin: A 21kW silicon carbide boost PFC

The Tesla Fuzz: An interface to connect an electric guitar to a Tesla coil. Works with other instruments too.

Tesla Space Gun 2000: Dub siren and sound effect accessory for Tesla Fuzz.