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  1. Hey,
    So I’m a fan of your tesla coils and music. I’ve used two of your songs in my Youtube videos, and if you do not approve of it (since I didn’t ask for your permission), send me an email if you want it to be taken down. Also, I’m attempting to make a cover of your guitar solo from the song “Way of the Bedroom Worrier” on my violin because I want to try out different styles and your song just happened to be close by in my library.


  2. Hey,

    I was just looking around for good high voltage/high frequency projects, and I stumbled across your flyback driver that could be modified to a plasma speaker. I think everything you’ve done is really awesome, and it’s the type of stuff I’m really interested in; thanks for providing inspiration.


  3. Hi,

    I’m studying physics at Missouri S&T. I was trying to build your plasma speaker for one of my labs. We think we had a flyback transformer from a tv working, but the core got damaged. We have two more flybacks from computer monitors, but can’t seem to get them figured out as far as the pinout and functionality go. How did you figure out what pins were what on yours? Any help or advice you have to offer would be greatly appreciated. I can get stock numbers if that will help, and there is no room to wind my own coils. I know this is very vague, but I can furnish any other information if you ask me.


    P.S. I’m not sure if this is the appropriate place to leave this message, but I couldn’t find a contact link anywhere. Thanks again.

  4. Hey,

    Saw your flyback driver schematic, I was wondering if you had a parts list for the schematic. I am trying to build the driver to make a plasma arc speaker. I am specifically wondering if the 10R and 15R that show up on the schematic are typos for 10k and 15k. Also the specs on the rectifiers that you used.

    Any Help you can give would be appreciated

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  6. Hi Steve,

    I work for a television production company called High Noon Entertainment (www.highnoontv.com). I messaged you on your YouTube channel because we’re wanting to feature two of your videos on our new science show. Please message me when you receive this comment.

    Thanks and cheers!

    Erika Navarrete
    High Noon Entertainment

  7. Greetings Steve!

    I run the Physics Demos for an ivy league school – finished a really nice DRSSTC and wanted to modulate the discharges like you did, to make controllable sounds. Any hints as to where to go for a controller? I know in your old pages you constructed a “confidential” hextuple MIDI interface – has anything changed?


  8. Hey there Steve!

    I was hoping to contact you about a tesla coil amplifier for a cello. Basically on weather or not it may be possible, and if I might be able to commission you for the work.

    I’d like to go over it in more detail with you if you’re interested, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at my email address; parker.deb@hotmail.com

    I will also be sending this message to you through your youtube channel in hopes of increasing my odds of contacting you)

    thanks, and hope to hear from you!

  9. Hi Steve,

    I came across your website and found that it’s a great resource for our electrical engineering community. I will cover your website as our “site of the day” on our front page.

    Would you consider including a link to our EEWeb Electronics Forum under your blogroll. Our customized forum is very powerful and supports: threaded comments, ability to upload images and files, LaTex equations, etc.

    Here is an example of a recent question: http://www.eeweb.com/discussions/active-current-load/

    Thank you again for considering adding our website.
    Let me know if you have some specific text that you would like us to include in the description of your website when we mention your site.

    Best Regards,

    Elaina Radon
    Technical Editor
    elaina at eeweb dot com

  10. Hi, Steve,
    I was interested, from the 80 years in feedback-current amplifiers, and had build mine, according to the Mark Alexander’s article at this time.
    I love the slewrate, and the transparent sounding of it, and use excursively OPs amps (op2600 or newer) with current-feed-back in all my preamps.
    Well, i had an idea for HP protection that, may-be you will like. This idea lies on the fact that, on a well working amplifier, apart the gain,the output signal looks like the input one. So, if you compare the two signals, you can isolate the speaker with a relay as soon as there is some clipping, oscillation, DC in the output withour any kind of integration (instant) etc…
    You can mail me if you are interested about the way i use this idea to secure my amps and suppress all clics or other noises during power on/off, with a single OP preamp and few components around.
    Congratulation for your web site.

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