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For many years, I’ve been producing electronic music and running my own home studio. I recently started a project to get all my work online. Well, it’s now complete! There are three albums’ worth of MP3s, plus a bunch of unreleased odds and ends, for you to download or stream. Everything is at least 128k quality.

How you can access these tracks will depend on what OS, web browser, and MP3 playing software you’re using. The links are either to individual MP3 files, or to directories containing MP3 files, or to M3U playlists that will (hopefully πŸ™‚ ) cause your computer to stream the whole album.

Black Car Collective – Kill The Lights(m3u album playlist)
This was a collaboration between me, my brother, and drummer Jeremy Love. We released it in 1999 or thereabouts. May contain some uncleared samples πŸ™‚

Black Car Collective – Breakdown Service(m3u album playlist)
This was the followup to Kill The Lights. It was never completed in its original form, since my brother and I stopped working together, and Jeremy got badly hurt in a rock climbing accident. The only track we collaborated on was “Milk”, the rest are all mine.

Scopeboy – Way Of The Bedroom Worrier(m3u album playlist)
Way Of The Bedroom Worrier was originally released as the “Pictures Of The Floating World” EP in 2002, containing the four tracks Disintegrator, Pictures of The Floating World, Triumph 2000 and Rochelle Salt. I naively thought I could get a record deal with an indie label off the back of it, and believe it or not, this didn’t happen. The general consensus seemed to be that the cover art was better than the music. Later on, I released a mini-album, “Poems Of Mankind And Nature”, which bombed in exactly the same way. Finally, I combined the best tracks from the two to make this album, and it bombed again. No, “Worrier” is not a mis-spelling of “Warrior”. It’s a pun.

Live, unreleased, etc
The best of all the other stuff that was lying around my hard drives…

Colorado Springs Dub
People have asked me for this track in the past, so here it is! It was inspired by Tesla’s experiments in Colorado Springs, and somehow I got from there to a mixture of programmed breaks and fingerstyle acoustic guitar. I’ve performed it live a few times, but this is a studio version. (Sorry about the duff guitar sound, yes, it was a piezo pickup.)

Radio Teletype
To make this track, I sampled radio hams chatting on the 80 meter band, and added an ambient soundtrack that aimed to echo what they were talking about.

Cloud Engineering
This track features my own drumming rearranged in Ableton, plus croaks and bleeps from a modified Roland JX-8P, to make a heavy hypnotic groove. Thanks to John-boy for lending me his cymbals.

Hackers On Steroids
A mash-up of a Fox 11 report on computer hacking. I was messing around with some looped bass and guitar grooves, and I ran the Fox report soundtrack through Ableton’s Beat Repeat algorithm over the top of it. By sheer chance it all kind of made sense!

Time And Motion (rough mix)
This track used to be a part of my live set. The acid noises come from Richie Burnett’s home-made 303 clone, run through a Marshall Shredmaster distortion pedal.

20 Bomber (live at 13th Note)
I wrote this track specially for a gig I did with Acidfairy. I wanted to do something that banged a bit. This is a live recording from the outputs of my setup at the gig. Again I’m basically just going crazy with Richie’s 303 clone in the second half of the tune. The crowd went crazy too when I fired it up, they were all old enough to remember acid house the first time round! πŸ™‚

Radio Friendly Booty Shifter
This is an ancient track that actually ended up getting “mastered” onto a cassette! I liked it enough that I decided to keep it. This time the acid tweaking is from a Super Bass Station.

And finally a link to my old music site (no longer maintained)

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  1. Heard “Way Of The Bedroom Worrier” through a line rider video for the first time and I was instantly hooked. I tried finding it for so long and now I finally found it.

    Love your work and I hope more people find your songs!

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