Highway to Halfway

I am planning 3 weekend expeditions with the goal of ending up on Beinn Mheadhoin in the Cairngorms for my 141st Munro. The name means “Middle hill” and 141 is halfway round…

Expedition 1: Wild camping in the Alders *DONE* Munros 126-131
This expedition ended up done the other way around: setting off from Luiblea Saturday lunchtime, bag Geal Charn and Creag Pitridh, go via Bealach Leamhain and An Lairig to bivvy spot at Diollaid A’Chairn on Aonach Beag ridge, then following day bag ridge and return to Luiblea via track at Luibvan. Nav by map and compass in low cloud throughout

Day 1: Geal Charn, Creag Pitridh.
Day 2: The Aonach Beag ridge: Carn Dearg, Geal-Charn, Aonach Beag, Beinn Eibhinn

Expedition 2: Up the Fannaichs
*DONE* Munros 132-140 Thanks Allan
Do 4 one day and 5 the other bringing the Munro count to 140- with support from a friend who did the same thing in February

Expedition 3: The Gorms
*DONE* Munros 141 and 142
Bag Beinn Mheadhoin from Glenmore Lodge via Loch Avon, taking in Bynack More on way home.

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