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  1. Hi
    I hope this is the right section and someone is able to help me 🙂
    I found the old tesla coil site a while ago since I’m interested in Tesla Coils for a while now.
    My tc runs with just a 555 timer on 24V (about 4W) it isn’t much but I got some streams of about 2mm lenght which is quite a success for me.
    I recently had time to work on this hobby again and wanted to try the PLL schematic. I don’t know much about this 4046 chip and from what I understand is that a 74xx chip has “unused” pins they’re counted as “high”. Is it the same with this 4046?
    where shall I connect the unused pins? Is it ok to just leave them unconnected or to ground?

    Greetings from Germany

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